Why migrate?

PostgreSQL is an open source database which provides a free customer and scalability support. With large community of developers and compatibility with many RDBMS, PostgreSQL has better user friendliness than other databases like Oracle.


Migrating to PostgreSQL can be beneficial in a multi-faceted way. Here are a few to mention:

Licensing Cost

The licensing cost of PostgreSQL is zero and no extra cost for any other additional features in it. But, Oracle charges at a premium rate for businesses to license its product and for every additional feature as an add-on package the cost of licensing can be skyrocketing.

Total Cost of Ownership

By choosing an open source database like PostgreSQL, the total cost of ownership is far lesser than databases like Oracle. For an instance, PostgreSQL is a free of cost and charges no additional cost for extra features. Whereas, Oracle charges separately for acquisition, production support and additional features.


The customer support by PostgreSQL is absolutely free of cost as the issues are solved by the developer community. The customer support provided by Oracle is not free and comes close to about 25% of the license cost. Although, PostgreSQL also provides a paid customer support service, the cumulative cost for this service is far lesser than the customer service cost provided by Oracle.


PostgreSQL database offers scalability support free of cost for expansions. On the other hand, Oracle provides four sockets for expansion which is mostly insufficient and forces many businesses to opt for enterprise edition which adds extra burden of cost.

Why you need a partner?

A captain-less ship has nowhere to go. Choosing your partner for migration is as important as having a captain with acumen for a ship

Your partner can help you:

Assess the current

Choose right

Give a roadmap
for business impacts

your workforce

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